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Photobooks from PiciScan

What our customers are saying:

Just to let you know that everything arrived back, and the finished product is fantastic.


About PiciScan & our scanning services

Learn more about PiciScan and how we aim to provide you with the best possible scanning service.

Watch a short video illustrating our scanning services

This video was made a little while ago when we still used a Kodak Photo Scanning System to scan photos. We stopped using this, because, despite its speed, it didn't provide the best quality results every time: unlike our trusty Epson Perfection V700 Photo Scanners.

The more eagle-eyed of you will spot Mark brushing a slide with a lens brush. We tend to use an airbrush these days to remove dust from slides, negatives and medium format transparencies. However, if you would like us to dust your memories with the pictured lens brush instead, just let us know. It can provide a more thorough clean but comes with a minute risk of scratches to the transparencies or negatives.

Who we are

mark oversees and is in charge of quality control

Mark Syred, a former Primary School teacher, founded PiciScan in July 2010. He had been inspired to help people preserve their own histories for years to come after having observed readers of the Westmorland Gazette capturing history as it happened during the Cumbrian floods of November 2009. It look a few months to formulate exactly how he would go about this, and nine months later, bought his first scanner and took a small office near the Kendal Climbing Wall.

Originally from Southampton, Mark has lived in Preston, Scotland, South Wales and most recently, Lancaster. He settled in Kendal in 2007 where he now lives with his partner and their daughter. Since September 2015, and moving the business to its new premises at Sand Aire House, he now takes more of a supervisory role in the business.

Callum carries out almost all the scanning

Callum Leach joined PiciScan in September 2015 after moving back to his hometown of Kendal earlier in the year. He has spent the last few years living in Edinburgh working in various I.T roles.

Currently he works full-time at PiciScan, doing most of the scanning, editing and video to DVD conversion. He enjoys working with photographs and is also interested in the design aspects of the job.

We take good care of your memories

Epson Photo Scanner

At PiciScan, all scanning is carried out using Epson Perfection V700 Photo scanners. These are excellent scanners for all types of photographic scanning as they consistently produce fantastic results. They are flatbed scanners, meaning your memories will be carefully held in place and scanned in such a way that they do not come into contact with any moving parts.

It is central to our scanning service that your memories be looked after properly: we treat your memories as if they were our own. To this end your photos, slides and negatives, when they are not being scanned, are protected in the packaging that you provide. They are also carefully handled, with gloved hands.

Every aspect of our scanning service is designed around keeping your memories safe and giving you peace of mind. Return deliveries are normally carried out by the secure courier service provided by APC-overnight. You can request to have your order returned by Royal Mail Special Delivery instead, but this will cost extra. Returns by courier are free on orders over £100.

To reduce the chance of your being out when your memories are returned to you, we always contact you to arrange for delivery to happen on a day that is most convenient to you. If a return delivery to your home address would be inconvenient, then delivery to your work address can be arranged instead. Or, you can have your order left in a porch, greenhouse, behind your side gate, wherever would be most convenient for you.

Scanned images, stored online

We provide a secure, digital backup of your memories

Even after we have securely returned your memories to you, our service to you doesn't end there. We will backup everything in-house and, on request, will upload your memories to our server, letting you access your memories from anywhere in the world.

Please be aware that this will not enable you to view your memories online. What it will enable you to do is download a backup of all your scanned photos, slides or negatives. This service will keep your memories safe, even if you lose your disc or if it is ever stolen.

We provide a FREE trial, scanning service

Try our scanning service

Our 'Try Before You Buy' service lets you send in up to 10 of your photos, slides or negatives, and we will scan them and return them complete with a disc containing your scanned images, all for free. We will even provide you with an online backup of your memories. This service allows you to test every aspect of our service, all for free. Half of the slides, photos or negatives will be scanned at our standard level of service, and the other half will be scanned at our premium level of service. This will give you a chance to compare the different levels of scanning service and enable you to choose at the time of ordering which you would prefer.

The only cost to you will be sending in your slides, photos or negatives. Please note that you may only use this service once.

When sending us a small sample of your memories for a free scanning trial, it is very important that you provide us with full contact details, including a phone number and email address. We need these to stay in touch with you about the free trial and so that the courier can return your items.

We take care when we clean your memories

slides airbrushed

If you opt for our Premium Scanning Service, your slides, negatives or medium format transparencies or negatives will have the dust brushed from each side of them using an airbrush. This airbrush is connected through two water filters to a small piston compressor. Using this method ensures that your memories will not be damaged in any way, as clean, dry air is used to remove all but the most stubborn dust particles.

At PiciScan we use no other method for cleaning your transparencies or negatives. All chemical cleaners carry with them the risk of damaging the images themselves and even the finest lens brush has the potential to scratch the surface of any transparency or negative.

With our Premium Photo Scanning Service, a microfibre cloth is used to remove dust from the front of your photos. This cloth will pick up nearly all dust particles whilst not damaging the photo itself.

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