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Medium format negative scanning service

What our customers are saying:

The picture on the front of the discs, of our two young daughters, was an amazing surprise for us.


Colour correction

image without colour correction

Scanned image without colour correction

image with colour correction

Scanned image with colour correction

As photos, slides and negatives get older, the colours in them will fade. Some slides will start to get a bluish tinge to them. This is clearly visible in the top image.image to the left.

Every scan performed by PiciScan has colour correction technology applied to it, breathing new life into old images. The image to the right is the image we returned to the customer as part of their order. The original colours have been restored, the exposure has been repaired and the image even has some depth of field to it. Some details that were lost before are now clear to see.

As one of our customers put it, "The colour rendering in some of [the scanned slides] is far better than the originals."

Colour correction at PiciScan is a three, sometimes, five stage process.

If required, at the stage of cropping and rotating each image, the image will be darkened or lightened depending on what is required. The next stage is to correct the contrast, after which the colour balance is corrected. Colour correction is usually just the final stage of this process, carried out on all the images scanned at PiciScan.

Before any of the images are copied to disc, even after this process has been completed, each scan is checked to make sure the colours are up to our exacting standards. If not, we will return to the original, unchanged scan and start again. One of the changes we will perform at this stage is, if it is possible, alter the colours according to any skin tone. This means selecting a tiny area of skin on the photo - usually someone's nose! - and the software adjusts all the other colours to match.

At PiciScan we truly care about your receiving the best possible results. This is what we do to as part of our scanning service, on each and every scan.

Does the scanning service you were considering offer this? And as standard on all scans for the same low price as PiciScan?

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