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Memory DVD

What our customers are saying:

Just to let you know that everything arrived back, and the finished product is fantastic.


A PiciScan Memory DVD

Enjoy your memories at home on your DVD player

Just £24.99 each*

a memory DVD from PiciScan

A Memory DVD from PiciScan will allow you to watch up to 200 of your memories at home on your DVD player. You could also show one at a wedding, sharing the bride's and groom's lives from birth to their special day. You could have one produced to embarrass your boss at the next work's party.

You needn't limit your Memory DVD to simply displaying photos. If we can scan it, then it can be shared on the DVD: children's drawings; love letters; exam certificates.

By default, each photo will be displayed on screen for around 5 seconds, and the DVD will gently fade from one memory to the next. Letters or exam certificates will be given a longer screen time and may scroll, to allow you time to read them.

You can choose whatever song or favourite piece of music you would like as your backing track. Or, you can leave it up to us to choose something suitable. If you have anything particular in mind, just enclose around ten minutes of music on a CD, or as an mp3 file on a memory stick or similar, when sending in your items to be scanned to your PiciScan Memory DVD.

* Price exclusive of scanning. All items will be scanned using the relavent premium scanning service. Please also order the relevant scanning service(s) when ordering a PiciScan Memory DVD.

Whatever you decide to do with your memories, a Memory DVD from PiciScan makes an ideal gift.

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