Up To A4 Photo Scanning Service


35mm Slide Scanning Service


35mm Negative Scanning Service


Video Tape To DVD Transfer


8mm Cine Film To DVD Transfer


LP To MP3 Transfer


FREE* Return Delivery on orders over £100

FREE* Collection on orders over £150

* to or from UK addresses

Your memories are in good hands

All your photographic memories are treated as if they were our own

Any photos, slides or negatives that you send to us for scanning, are handled with careful, gloved hands.

Everything is scanned in house, here in Kendal. You can be sure the only travelling your slides, photographs or negatives do is from you to PiciScan and back.

The same goes for any videotapes, LPs or cassette tapes you entrust us to digitise.

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Our customers recommend us

Some, at Review Centre...

Others, more directly...

...the finished product is fantastic...

Mr A Wright, Isle of Man

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Backup service

Every order comes with a backup of your memories

We keep your memories safe with an onsite backup of every order. Which, if you like, we can make available to you online.

You'll be able access your scanned slides, photos, or negatives anywhere in the world, or if you lose your disc, you can easily retrieve your scans.

With PiciScan, your memories will be available indefinitely.

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Free trial service

Send in 10 slides, photos or negatives, and we will scan them, copy them to a disc and return them to you, for FREE

If you have a large collection of photographic memories that you would like scanning, why not use our 'Try Before You Buy' service?

Send us your memories and give PiciScan a try today!

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