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Keep All The Family Happy With Negative Scanning Services

It is an unfortunate and sad fact of life that many families nowadays fall victim to divorce or separation and keeping all people within the family happy can be tricky, especially when there are children involved. As a family, one of our most precious possessions are our photograph collections as they capture all those special memories and moments. However, when families divide it can be difficult, as well as upsetting, to split photographs between all parties.

It is not only the couple involved who need to be thought of. There are grandparents, aunties, uncles and godparents who will all want to be a part of the children’s lives and keep their fond memories. Even when separations are amicable it is an almost impossible task to divide such things equally and fairly, however there are a few things we can consider to make the process run smoothly. Taking control of simple situations such as this can keep the entire family happy and it isn’t as difficult as many of us think.

Using a negative scanning service is one great option as it enables people to simply send off their old negatives and obtain digital copies of them, even if the negatives are old and unclear or slightly damaged. Scanning negatives also means that people get copies of all our old photos, even when the hard copy has already been given to another family member.

Many of us already have a collection of digital photos stored so a great idea can be to create an online album and share it with everyone involved. Key life events can be categorised easily for people to find them and print off relevant ones that mean something to them. It also enables us to add more photos of children’s birthdays for years to come, meaning nobody ever misses out.

Online sharing is not for all of us, therefore we can also consider compiling DVDs of all relevant photographs and family events. Once the initial DVD has been completed it is easy to make multiple copies and hand these out to our family members and friends. These can make a great present for relatives and can even be done on a regular basis, such as every Christmas or special birthdays.

For those of us who want to go a step further we can simply print off pictures we know are important to everyone and send them to people. This can be particularly important for grandparents who are perhaps not up to speed with using digital technology but really want to be kept in the loop and not miss out on anything.

It is not just our past memories we need to consider, families are important for life, even those which are not together anymore. An important message we should all remember is to capture every special event in our lives, especially those of our children, and continue to distribute and share these with both sides of our families for years to come.

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