Converting LPs To MP3

Rediscover tracks from your favourite LPs as MP3s with PiciScan

With our LP To MP3 Transfer Service,  we deliver a set of MP3 files on disc or memory stick that you can listen to on your phone or dedicated MP3 player. At PiciScan, we only use a Sony Hi-Res audio LP turntable to record your LPs to PC. We take great care of your LPs. We do everything we can to ensure you get the best quality MP3's.

The process involves:

Digitising the LP

Record Player

We record and process one side of the LP at a time. The first process before we record the LP to our computer system is to remove any dust with a lint free cloth. If any dust remains we use an air gun which gently removes any remaining dust. Equipment used is kept clean and dust free at all times.

After dust removal of LPs we then begin the transfer process of the LP to MP3. We use Sony Hi-Res audio recording software to record each side of the LP. This creates a WAV file, also known as 'Waveform Audio File Format,' of each side of the LP. This is then separated into individual tracks which are saved as MP3s.

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Separating into individual tracks

Hi-Res Audio screen shot

LPs are recorded intially as one track/file per side and then the individual tracks are separated from that one file. The software we use for recording the audio and for separating it into individual tracks is the same: Sony Hi-Res Audio Recorder. Once a single WAV file is produced, we use the visual splits shown in the visual representation of the file to decide where to cut the file into individual tracks. Each track is then saved as an individual WAV file.

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Labelling the tracks

Relabelled MP3

Once we have the individual WAV files we then convert them to MP3s using MediaHuman Audio Converter. These individual MP3s are relabelled according to the information on the LP case. If available, track and album artist, and/or composer data is entered as well. The MP3 files are all saved into a folder matching the name of the original recording, which is itself saved into a folder named after the artist. In this way an MP3 player will easily be able to give you the information you need about the tracks as you listen to them.

A final check of the correct album and artist titles is undertaken before copying them to disc

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Copying the tracks to disc

USB Stick

Instead of producing a CD that can be played on a CD player or a PC, we copy the MP3 files to a data DVD or memory stick. Your original LPs and the DVD or memory sticks are returned to you in the same way as with any other service. All that's left for you to do is to copy the MP3 files from your disc or memory stick to your device of choice, sit back, and enjoy your rediscovered music.

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