Frequently Asked Questions

Whatever your question, we aim to answer it

Here, you will find the answers to some of the questions we are most often asked. Hopefully, the rest of this site will answer any other questions you might have. But, if you have a more specific question, or you're still not sure of something, then just enquire about our scanning services by email, get in touch via the contact us page or give us a ring.

Q: Is there a minimum order?

A: It depends. If you pop in, there is no minimum order size, but the minimum order charge is £15.00. So, in many cases, it'd be worth bringing in a bit more than just one item for scanning.

Were you to order through the site, then, each scanning service comes with it's own minimum order size.

Of course, if you wanted to take advantage of our free Home Collection Service, your order would need to total £150 first.

So, if you're nearly there, have a look around and see what else you can send us!

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Q: I have a very large number of slides/photos/negatives I would like scanning. Could I send a test order to you first?

A: Certainly. If you're considering having upwards of 500 slides/negatives/photos scanned, just send us up to 10 of them and we will happily scan them for you free of charge and email you over the results. We will then return your slides/negatives/photos by first class recorded delivery, also for free.

Once you've had a chance to look at the results, if you're happy, go ahead and make an order.

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Q: What am I paying for?

A: For prices from 10p per image, whether it is a slide, negative or an up to A4 sized photo, you get the following:

  • A DVD that will let you view your photos on your PC, MAC or laptop in up to stunning 2400 dpi detail.
  • A single DVD with up to 1000 images on it. If your order is larger, we'll send you more DVDs. This doesn't cost any extra: you pay for the scanning.
  • The DVD(s) you receive will be printed with the image and text of your choice using Epson's Claria Hi-Definition inks. This print will last for up to 200 years. Don't believe us? Check out Epson's website.
  • We take great pride and care in our work so the DVD will come to you packaged in an "unbreakable" jewel case.
  • The price also includes colour correction and we will attempt to correct exposure.
  • You will, if your order exceeds £100, also get FREE return delivery to ANYWHERE in the UK.

You will struggle to find another scanning service ANYWHERE that offers all of this for such a great price.

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Q: How will you know what text or photo I want on the DVD?

A: The order form has a space on it for you to let us know the text you require for the DVD. To let us know which picture you would like printing on the front please either include a note describing your chosen image or, when you send your order, separate it in some way. You could do this by wrapping a small piece of paper around it, or placing it in an envelope within the package you send to us and labelling it appropriately.

If you haven't told us which image you would like printing on the front of the DVD, we will just print the first image we come to. If you haven't told us what text should go onto the disc, we will normally print it with the phrase, "Family Memories."

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Q: Can I have another copy of the DVD you produce for me of my photos?

A: Of course you can! As many as you like! But, due to the extra time and costs involved, we charge an additional £4.99 per copy you require.

However, when you consider that each disc will be printed in the same way as the original, come in its own "unbreakable" jewel case, you can see that this is a very reasonable price. A small cost if you want to give copies of your precious memories to other family members.

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Q: Will I be able to play the DVD of my photos on my DVD player?

A: Not normally. The reason we use DVDs is because they can store more photos than a CD-ROM.

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Q: Do you offer a service where I can watch my photos on my TV?

A: Yes we do. We can produce a Memory DVD of your favourite images which you can watch on your DVD player. If you like, we will add the backing track of your choice. You will need to supply the music that you require for the backing track on a CD or on a memory stick. We will return any CDs or memory sticks you send us. Please provide about ten minutes of music.

Perhaps you want to give your parents or grandparents a special DVD of their wedding photos for an important anniversary? Or maybe you want to embarrass your boss at his birthday party with photos of himself as a baby!

They are your photos. Let your creativity decide what you would like to do with them.

A Memory DVD fits up to 200 images on a disc and the price you are charged depends on how many images we scan.

Alternatively, just send us digital images and we can produce a Memory DVD from these.

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Q: Does the Memory DVD service cost extra?

A: Yes, but it is very reasonable. If you provide us with up to 200 digital images it costs £24.99. If you provide us with photographs/slides/negatives, a Memory DVD costs £24.99 plus the cost of scanning.

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Q: If I send an SD card with my order, can you save them to the card instead?

A: You may indeed. The only thing that you need to consider is whether the SD card is big enough to accommodate the number of images you send for scanning. As a guide: 600 scans from 35mm negatives or slides take up about 4GB of space. As does 400 photos up to 7" x 5" or 200 larger photos.

If you like, you could send a large enough memory stick instead.

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A: To an extent, how large a print do you want? A scanned slide, negative, or a 6" x 4" photo from PiciScan, at our Standard or Premium level of service, could be printed at up to A4 in size. But if you are thinking you would like larger prints, just ask, and we will do our best to help.

If you thinking of printing your memories, you might be interested in a couple of our Gift Ideas. We now offer a service where you can have your scans as stretched canvas prints. We offer fully customized photo books as well.

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Q: Why is Royal Mail Special Delivery so much more expensive than the courier service?

A: We are only a small business. Using Royal Mail Special Delivery, someone has to visit the Post Office. And that is time spent when they could be scanning!

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Q: What slide formats do you scan?

A: We scan all types of 35mm slide. Whether it's cardboard, or plastic mounted, we can scan it. We also do other types of slide, eg. 126 and 127. We tend to say, "If you can see an image, we can probably scan it." If you are unsure, just ask.

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Q: Do you convert cinefilm to DVD?

A: Converting cinefilm to DVD is one of the few services that we outsource. If you send us your cinefilms, they will be taken by secure courier to our trusted agents before being returned to us in DVD format, together with your original cinefilms.

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