Placing An Order

We aim to make the ordering process as easy as possible

Ordering from us can be split up into three basic steps

Decide what you would like to have digitised
We can digitise a number of different analogue media: photos up to A3 in size; slides; negatives; medium format transparencies; vinyl LPs; videotapes in various sizes; audio cassettes; and 8mm cine film. If you're not sure what you've got, take a look at our handy guides to analogue media. Count up what you're wanting to send us for digitising, and make a note of it somewhere.
Counting slides, photos and negatives can be tricky. If you've got hundreds, it might be easier to weight them instead. As a rough guide, a single photo or slide weighs about 5g, and a 24 exposure negative film in its sleeve weighs about 10g.
Select the appropriate service and order
If you're wanting photos, slides, negatives or medium format transparencies digitising, you'll find all those under, 'Scanning Services,' from the menu above. If you're wanting LPs, audio cassettes or video tapes digitising, you'll find these under, 'Other Services.'
Once you've chosen the appropriate service, you'll have the opportunity to select a variety of options to further tailor the service you'd like to order. Choose the options that are right for you, and enter the quantity. All that you'll have to do then, is click on the, 'Add to Cart,' button, fill in a few details and pay.
Send us your analogue media for digitising
The safest way of getting your items to us for digitising, is to have them collected from you. You can select this at the checkout. Alternatively, you can send us your items yourself. To learn more about how we'd recommend you do this, click the button below.
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