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The picture on the front of the discs, of our two young daughters, was an amazing surprise for us.


Negative Scanning Services Equals Positive Impact

Life is a funny and yet hard game to play. We start off life with joy and smiles. We work through life and battle through the hardships and challenges it throws at us but yet we find the most difficult challenge of all is dealing with death.

It comes to us all, and yet we all seem to look back and have so many things that we have failed to achieve and wish we had done. The moral to that would be to not put off until tomorrow what can be done today. Although living for the moment does have its disadvantages too! Is there a financial benefit to living life for today? I would have to say not in this economic climate.

So nothing beats the stories that Grandma and Grandpa share with us. Some of these stories, as far-fetched as they may initially appear, could actually be true. Life has changed so much in the last 100 years that a simple day, back then, would consist of children spending all day discovering new things and creating adventures out in the great outdoors. Something that PCs and game consoles have now removed and replaced from our children's lives.

We can't just blame PCs and game consoles; the media has a big part to play with this fact too. We now have more forms of media that would have never anticipated back then. All this media is providing us with grim news and many reasons not go out and explore the great outdoors for fear of something bad happening, either to us or our children.

Yet, back in the day our grandparents would wake up with the sun, get dressed, eat their breakfast and go on out until the sun was ready to set. And from these exciting days of exploration with their friends that their tales emerge, full of wonder and enchantment. So it's needless to say that when your favourite story-teller of all time passes away, it's heartbreaking and also leaves you wondering if those wild stories were actually true.

Inheritance day comes around and sullen and dismayed you receive a box full of negatives. The irony, a box of negatives at such a negative point in life. Yet through these negatives you are able to distinguish faces of your passed loved one and the feelings of love and the air of mystery in their tales come back. Could these negatives hold the key answer to your lifelong question: did they really do that?

That’s the beauty of negative scanning services. Although these somewhat fragile negatives are hard to see, modern technology has not just given and replaced the good with the grim but also solutions to situations that would otherwise have been impossible. For those fragile and slightly distorted negatives can be restored and salvaged and scanned so those memories remain forever.

Stories that you now know to be true, now restored and scanned and saved forever. You can now share those real life treasured stories to your children and grandchildren having the key to answer their questions later in life.

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