A Memory DVD celebrating a couple getting married

A Memory DVD celebrating a couple getting married

Memory DVD’s can celebrate so many different occasions by bringing together memories of times gone by. Photographs of a couple’s life together to be shown at a Silver or Golden Wedding anniversary, perhaps starting with their engagement picture looking all shy and bashful & continuing onto their wedding where their love glows between them then including the new home, baby pictures, the children growing up, the pets, holidays, the next home – all the important events and fun times that the couple have recorded during their life together.

But it doesn’t need a lifetime to celebrate events in this way. Have you thought to have such a Memory DVD shown at a wedding reception showing the separate paths that the bride and groom have taken to arrive at this wonderful day?

An ideal time would be as everyone gathers for the reception and would allow both families and all friends to see photographs of the bride and groom from infancy (maybe one of those infamous ones taken on a sheepskin rug in their birthday suit), the gappy smiles playing in the back garden, then dressed in the first school uniform or perhaps the school’s hockey or rugby team kit. Maybe you could include the university graduation photograph or where the first place of employment was, any certificates awarded, evenings out and then the pictures of the couple after they have met. There will be images of them in pubs, days trips somewhere, possibly on  holiday together, the engagement photograph is a must and possible ending with a picture of their new home together.

The DVD can be projected onto a wall (no screen required if the wall is painted white or cream), the sides or sloping roof of a marquee, a big screen TV or, if the venue will allow, in another room to enable the guests to take a bit of time out from the emotions and hectic events of the day and have some quiet time but still enjoy how the wedding came to be.

With many couples setting up home together before getting married it can sometimes be difficult to find a present to give. Normally it would be gifts for the house but giving a Memory DVD to the bride and groom to be shown on their wedding day will only add to their joy of the day and be a wonderful keepsake for years to come.

To keep this Memory DVD as a wonderful memento we can include the ivory presentation case which will be encased in a box as protection. The ivory case will have a small picture of the happy couple on the outside and a larger one inside the case to personalize the album.

Please could we ask you to leave a comment at the bottom of this blog regarding a possible addition to our services at PiciScan?

In the past some brides & grooms have placed disposable cameras on the Wedding Reception tables to allow their guests to take photographs during the Reception. With so many people nowadays able to take digital images via their phones, cameras etc we at PiciScan are wondering if we could offer a service to collate all the images taken by the guests if they were to email them to PiciScan and we would then produce a disc for the bride & groom and copies for guests if requested.

We look forward to your feedback and thank you in advance.

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