A Walk In The Woods

A Walk In The Woods

Perhaps the crisp weather drove you outside to enjoy a walk in the woods recently and you took your camera or phone with you. There must have been many opportunities to take that perfect shot while you were out and about. It might have been while you were on the post Christmas Dinner walk, maybe out with the children while they were still on holiday and you were all enjoying the winter sunshine. It can be very unusual at this time of the year as the sun never gets high into the sky.

The photo to this blog was taken while my husband and I were out with our dogs last year. The sun was low on that occasion and I loved it glinting through the trees. The day started off very cold but the hoarfrost gradually melted if the sun shone on it leaving the fields a patchwork of white and green.

I have found that when you upload your photos onto a computer it is only then that you really see a picture in all its glory; the bigger screen certainly allows you to see more detail and appreciate it better.

Maybe you have taken a wonderful photo of which you are very proud - think about having it made into a stretched canvas print so you can hang it in your home for all to enjoy. It doesn't have to be a photo taken outside, it might be a family group when you all got together over Christmas. What a lovely present that would make for the grandparents when you next need an idea!

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