All slides are equal. But some slides are more equal than others.

All slides are equal. But some slides are more equal than others.

Hopefully George Orwell will forgive me for borrowing from his seminal masterpiece for the title of this post.

We love slide scanning at PiciScan. It is, at present, one of our most used services. And as such, we love slides. All slides. All shapes and sizes. Without them there would be no need for a slide scanning service and without that, PiciScan would be a smaller operation. So, to the inventor of slides: many thanks.

However, from a scanners point of view, some slides are better than others, and if I may be so bold, I think it’s safe to say that at PiciScan we have a favourite. Don’t get me wrong, as I’ve said, all slides are great, and this feels a bit like picking which would be our favourite in a class of children were I the teacher, but we still have one.

The cardboard slides, produced by Kodak for at least the last 50 years are just brilliant. And there are many reasons why.

Occasionally, through no-one’s fault, slides arrive at PiciScan in pieces and we have to repair them before they can be scanned. Though this doesn’t take that long per slide, if there are several in a particular order the time can build up. With Kodak slides, this has not happened once. The adhesive holding the two sides of the slides together has always held.

When scanning, slides need to be scanned backwards and sometimes upside down. Some brands of slide are not consistently manufactured and the emulsion used is such that it is difficult to tell which side is the back. This is why we say on our site that we do our best to ensure that your slides will be flipped properly, but we can’t guarantee we will always get it right. Were all slides everywhere manufactured by Kodak we would not need to carry this caveat. Every slide produced by Kodak that we have received is manufactured the same way around and it is clear on which side the emulsion is: held obliquely to the light, the emulsion side appears matt.

Kodak slides are a simple construction. They involve two pieces of cardboard, one branded with Kodak’s logo, the other telling you from which side to view the slide and the slide film itself; all held together with some sort of fantastic adhesive. And that is it. This makes them exceptionally lightweight. There is no glass involved. No plastic. Kodak were ahead of their time. Much of the material involved in their slides is easily recycled.

I could continue extolling the virtues of Kodak slides, looking at the way that the picture and colour quality of them is retained for such a long time, but I will leave it there.

Our slide scanning service is among the most reasonably priced you will find, we believe, anywhere, and it works well for us. Long may it continue. And please, please, if you are thinking of having slides not manufactured by Kodak scanned by us, still send them in. We will still treat them with the same care and attention that we treat all slides sent to us. They will still be scanned at the same fantastic 2400dpi and have colour correction applied to them.

It’s just sometimes, if you happen to pass our office, and there is a quiet cheer emanating from the building, you will know why: someone else has sent us some Kodak slides.

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