Black Sheep of the Family

Black Sheep of the Family

Have you been doing some research into your family tree and have come across a relative who was the black sheep of the family? No doubt that your interest has been piqued to find out just how this came about. Did he - or she - disappear with the family silver leaving their family for another? Were they transported to Australia after breaking the law? Has the new BBC drama "Banished" got you thinking?

There will be many reasons why the "black sheep" tag can label a person but with the Law being so harsh in days gone by plus morality standards being as they were so many people could have transgressed and become The Black Sheep of the family.

In researching your family tree perhaps you have come across living relatives of "the Black Sheep" and wish to communicate and pass on any family photographs or documents that you may have to verify your connection and share with them. Your photos may only be of a child or young person and that family may have pictures of your joint ancestor as an older person with their family perhaps.

If indeed your ancestor went, or was taken to the other side of the world how easier it is if all your photos and documents were digitally scanned and put onto disc. Extra discs could be ordered to share with relatives abroad plus you would have a permanent copy in case of damage or loss of the original items.

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