Christmas 2015

Christmas 2015

It’s nearly the time of year to be going up into the loft and bringing down all the Christmas decorations, locating the tree and seeing if those lights from last year still work, or if you need to buy any more.

As you’re in the loft, you may cast your torch around to see what else you’ve been storing up there for years. Some old VHS videos perhaps, kept because you couldn’t bear to part with them despite not being able to watch them anymore. Old photo albums? Boxes of slides, kept even though you no longer own a projector, or even never got round to buying one. Squashed between a couple of boxes, an envelope of negatives.

Should you find any of these in your loft over the next few weeks, why not have them scanned to a DVD? Chances are, you’ll have no idea what’s on those negatives until you use a negative scanning service to find out. Holding the slides up to the light’ll give you some idea, but until the slides have been scanned, you’ll be missing out on the full picture. The slides may well have become faded over the years. Having them scanned at PiciScan will revive the original colours, bringing your memories to life once more.

Unless you act now and have your photos scanned, your albums of photos could start to lose all their colour, become damp and mouldy, or worse. After the recent severe flooding we have had in Cumbria, it makes it even more apparent that all those unique memories could be lost within an instant. The ground floor of Sand Aire House let in a substantial amount of water during the flooding and a lot of it ended up in our office, but thankfully staff were on hand to move the slides we currently had with us to a safe place and we have now relocated to the first floor of Sand Aire House (Suite 2).

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