Christmas Present Dilemma

Christmas Present Dilemma

It's that time again - Christmas present shopping and you are stuck for ideas. There are some people who seem to have everything so just what do you get them? Do you go back to the Good Old Standbys and get a bottle of something which might be perfume or alchol, chance an article of clothing (which might be the wrong size/colour/design), jewellery perhaps but do they like the stone you choose or it's the wrong ring size, lingerie (just don't go there!) or a boring gift voucher.

We at PiciScan might just have that answer - a stretched canvas print!

No doubt "The Recipient" has images that are special to them and what better way to show your love for them than by a stretched canvas print of that special picture which they can hang in their home and see daily.

It may be a photo of their child or children, maybe a pet, perhaps a wedding picture - the list is endless. A recent customer of ours used an old aerial photograph of their old home as the image; every individual's order will be unique and definitely NOT massed produced.

Visit our website for more details on size, price and finishing or call us for guidance on what we can scan as the source image.

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