Close Up

Close Up

On the photography course I did recently we all wanted to learn more about our cameras and how to use them but our choice of subject matter differed greatly. One lady was there because she was off on a rail journey across Canada, another gentleman was often in the countryside and loved taking photos of the lovely Lakeland landscape. I found that I do not like "contrived" photos but like recording things as they happen - or just "are".

Perhaps your thing is to take "close up" pictures like the bee and the flower in our picture this week? Only when you look at a digital photo on your computer screen can you really appreciate the beauty that you have captured. The pollen on the bee's back, how hairy it is, even the form of the flowers and stems are revealed.

But that is digital photography for you. We are talking film and negatives here. The wonderful thing about a negative is, unlike a photo, when it is scanned to even an extreemly high resolution no detail is lost and can be printed to almost any size you want. A photo if scanned will only give a certain amount of detail from the printed image before the quality is impaired.

Have you taken a selection of "close up" photos and wish to do something with these negatives? Perhaps you might want to put them into a book as a gift or just to have on your coffee table to show friends if they know of your interest. Maybe you want to have a particular one enlarged into a printed photograph or stretched canvas print - we can help with all of those items.

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