Cutting Down To Size

Cutting Down To Size

Recently the good weather allowed my husband to drive over a friendly farmer's field with his trailer to this stack of tree trunks. The trees had been blown down during a particularly violent storm last winter and as they were growing round a beautiful tarn that is used by a shooting syndicate it was the members of that syndicate who cleared up the mess and stacked them so well.

Now that they have seasoned it is time to bring home the wood to lay down next winter's fuel but as you can see from the picture a lot of the tree trucks are huge and unmanageable. This is where the chain saw comes in and, as my husband is qualified and suitably attired, he cuts the trunks down into what he calls "cheeses" which can then be picked up and loaded into our trailer. Once home he chops them up with an axe but sometime has to resort to chain sawing up the more obstinate ones!

Having a collection of photographs, slides or negatives can be like the tree trunk - being so big as to be unwieldy. They can take up a lot of storage area especially if photos are in albums and slides in mounts then in racks or carousels. Have you considered "down-sizing" your collection by getting them all digitally scanned and then saved to disc?

All our wood is now chopped up and nicely stacked under the car port ready to be used whenever we need a fire. Just think how convenient it would be to have your collection on a disc, readily accessible to view on your computer or laptop without having to find which particular album or carousel you need. Worse still, just think of trying to look through all those negatives!

If you do have more than one large collection or require separation we are able to label and save to separate folders within the disc.

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