Dealing With The Loss Of A Loved One

Dealing With The Loss Of A Loved One

We all have to deal with the loss of a loved one at times during our life whether it be a near relative or good friend but there are some people who also have to deal with the possessions of the deceased which are left behind. These belongings will range from the mundane to highly valued but only the owner could say what was what. It could be that they prized a picture drawn by their child over a gold watch - who is to say?

So when cupboards are being emptied, boxes investigated and tops of wardrobes cleared inevitably collections of photographs, slides and negatives will be discovered. The next question is what to do with them? When it happened to me and my sisters we gathered together and went through them as a family. As I'm the youngest I quite often didn't know who was in the photographs but my elder sister did and so we talked about these people. It was quite an enjoyable experience in discovering more about my family history. In the end we all took the photographs that we wanted but then there were the remains, rolls of film, packets of negatives of all sizes and photographs of people long gone. I'm not much of an historian but it grieved me to just throw these away so I took them home and they now lurk in the bottom of one of my wardrobes!

If you are like me and have such a collection taking up room in your house - have it digitally scanned by us at PiciScan and saved to disc or pendrive. Once you have the collection in that format it will be so much easier to share amongst family and friends so that they too can have copies of the images or to ask just who is is the photographs that you cannot identify. I can image that a lot of memories will resurface and you and your family will share some good times together.

An added bonus to the space saving (if you no longer want the originals) is that the images are not liable to damage or loss by mould, water or fire in the future.

These pictures were important to your loved one, recording people, times and places that they wished to remember for the future. You may not be able to appreciate this from your perspective but I'm sure you feel the need to preserve your loved one's history for the future generations to come.

Writing this blog has made me realise that I should get my act into gear and get my parents' collection scanned for my daughter's future.

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