Disc Negatives

Disc Negatives

Do you have any of these kind of negatives at home? To find the ones I have in the photo I had to do quite a bit of rummaging around for and finally found them in a huge chocolate box - long since emptied of its delicious contents. The camera which used these kind of negatives I'd kept for years at the back of a drawer, probably part used and there was an unused film too. I only disposed of them recently thinking I'd never get the part used film processed.

Probably the good photos I'd managed to take on these discs are in albums but they will naturally have suffered from colour deterioration over the years. I did find some of the "not so good" photos in the wallets with dates in the 1980's! I am one of those people who, from the start of taking my photos, always wrote on the back of the prints who was in the picture, when it was taken and possibly where if it was a holiday photo.

If you have a collection of disc negatives like these and don't know what is on them, perhaps inherited from your parents or found while clearing out a near relatives house, consider asking us to scan them and put the digital images onto a DVD for you.

As the negatives are so small they need to be scanned on a flat bed scanner at high resolution - which we do! We use an Epson Perfection V700 Photo flat bed scanner and you can choose from our 3 scanning services, all information is on our website.

I would image that most people do not store their albums full of photos in the same place as the negatives so, over time the albums might now be with another family member, perhaps thrown out, suffered colour degredation or been affected by damp or mould. You might be able to see what is on the negatives with a magnifying glass but see their true content after being scanned. You might find treasures that you didn't know existed.

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