Having a celebration soon?

Having a celebration soon?

Maybe a member of your family is going to have a significant birthday soon or perhaps you are having a family get-together with relatives visiting from overseas.

Surprise them with a “This is Your Life” DVD slideshow containing pictures, slides, negatives, even children’s drawings or college certificates.

Play it on your TV or project onto the wall of your party venue and have fun remembering childhood friends, family holidays, people who regretfully may no longer be with you and all the good times in between.

Here at PiciScan with our scanning services we can transfer up to 200 images onto your Memory Disc, although more can be included if required. If additional discs are needed – not a problem – and save these wonderful times to remember whenever you wish. If you want an extra copy or 2 for visiting family then we can do that too at a nominal cost.

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