Helping Celebrate 50 Years of Lowe Alpine

Helping Celebrate 50 Years of Lowe Alpine

Back in 1967, in a shed in Colorado, a young climber, Greg Lowe, developed a new kind of backpack. It was one that would help him carry only the essentials in a lightweight bag as he forged new climbing routes across the USA with his brothers, Mike and Jeff. Their new climbing style became known as 'alpine' and has been copied the world over. With the production of this first pack - The Expedition - Lowe Alpine was born.

Next year will be Lowe Alpine's fiftieth anniversary and as with any big birthday, they're celebrating. And we're helping. Kicking things off, they're visiting a trade show in Germany and displaying some of the images that showcase their brand on huge banners around the site. And the source of these images? They were ordinary 35mm slides that had been amongst their archive for some years, recently unearthed as they looked back to find photos that summed up their journey.

Joe, one of their marketing team, thought these slides would be great for use at the trade show and Googled, "picture scanning, Kendal." A link for our scanning service came out as one of the top links and we were the first he rang. Due to his tight schedule, the fact that all of our scanning is done in-house and us being only five minutes walk from his own office, Joe came round. It's normally Callum who does the scanning these days, but it was me who completed the job on this occasion. Joe explained that he wanted them to be printed at around A0 size - roughly three feet by four feet - I told him that'd be no problem and he left the slides with us. It was only a few hours later that I phoned Joe and told him his order was ready and available to collect.

Kendal is not short of businesses based here, like Lowe Alpine, that are long-established and internationally known. Perhaps you work for one of these and you have an anniversary coming up, or have recently uncovered an archive of photos, slides, or negatives? Although you might not want them reproducing them to quite A0 size - we'd be happy to accommodate this if you did - having this important link to the history of your firm digitised will help them stay relevant for many more years.

Lowe Alpine has been established 50 years and looks set to continue well into the future; constantly innovating, developing new ideas and crafting solutions to the challenge of the mountains. And we at PiciScan are proud to help them celebrate their half-centenary.

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