Holiday Memories

Holiday Memories

Seeing a picture of a Scrabble board reminds me of a wonderful caravan holiday during my childhood with my parents and older sister. It was down in St. Ives and when we had tired ourselves out on the beach playing in the surf we would come back to the caravan for a lovely meal that Mum had made for us.

We had no electric hook-up in those days so no T.V. but every evening we would gather round the table and play Scrabble. Of course there were the usual arguments over the game but the board reminded me of all the photos taken on the beach or on day trips off to local places. We might have been clambering around the battlements of a castle, exploring twisty cobbled streets if a fishing village or we might have driven into the countryside for a lovely cream tea by the village green.

I've not looked at these photos for years and I'd like to access these more easily and share them with my sister, now living in Australia so will have them scanned by PiciScan onto a disc and ask for a copy to send to her.

Having memories like this transferred into digital form will ensure that a paper photo or the delicate film of the slide or negative will not suffer from damage or loss quite as easily as the originals plus they can be sent anywhere so quickly via the internet.

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