In a hole – don’t know what to do with all your photographs?

In a hole – don’t know what to do with all your photographs?

Do you have a big box for your old photographs, maybe in tatty paper sleeves that you got back from the chemist, with or without the negatives or even loose that you inherited from your deceased relatives? If you have been good you might have written on the sleeve when & where the photos were taken, but probably not so you have no idea of what is in there – or even who is in the photographs.

It’s one of those jobs on your “To Do” list that you have been putting off for ages but have just never got to grips with it.

Well, let us at PiciScan digitally scan your photographs, let our software improve upon the colour which may have deteriorated over the years and we will save all the images to disc. Once you have the disc at home at your leisure you can save the images to file on your own computer and then rename the individual file with who, where or any other information you know.

Going over the images might stir up old memories, perhaps you might need to contact friends and relatives for more information which might lead to some very nice social occasions, not the least a good natter on the phone!

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