Mystery negatives

Mystery negatives

It is a sad occasion when you have to clear out a loved one’s house whether they have gone into a home or died. You will pick up an object & remember where & when they got it, maybe laugh with a sibling over some event in which is was involved or remember your loved one telling about how they got it from their loved ones. It’s at times like these that remembering the stories passed down the generations is important because this is how your parents, grandparents, relatives and friends live on. Older siblings can often remember more about family and friends than the younger ones so their recollections and memories are a wonderful resource.

Another resource will be the hoard of photographs that you will no doubt come across but there will also be lots of negatives, maybe some in bad condition and you will not be able to identify the subject matter.

Send us the negatives, even those that may need a bit of TLC, and we will digitally scan them and transfer the images onto a disc or pen drive. Just think of the pleasure you will get on viewing the resulting slide show seeing pictures long forgotten that will bring back memories of times past.

Once you have digital copies of the negatives just think of the opportunities for sharing – invite your relatives round for a viewing and see if they can fill the gaps in your knowledge or ask us for a copy disc (charged at a nominal fee) to be a wonderful present for a family member.

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