Our Customers

Our Customers

The most important person that PiciScan cares about is you! After all, if it were not for you we would not exist so we would like to take this opportunity to talk about Our Customers whether you are a returning customer or are a "newbie" taking advantage of our Free Trial of 10 photos, slides or negatives.

Naturally we do have some customers who like what we do so much and keep returning to us to have differing photographic memories digitally scanned. It is lovely to be able to build a friendship with these people, even better if they are able to pop into us so we can meet them face to face.

Then there are customers who have come to us after Googling "scanning", "photos", "negatives", "slides" in many different permutations - and probably more tag words too! We appreciate the time that these people have given us by looking at our website, checking out our prices, reading the reviews from genuine customers and deciding that PiciScan is the firm for them.

We also have customers who take up our Free Trial offer of up to 10 photos, slides and negatives. After all, if you have a collection that you wish to be scanned, whatever the size whether it be large or small you want to make sure that the results are what you hope for so what better way than giving us a go?

And then there is the "The Customer We haven't Met Yet". Just as important to us as the known customers. We would love to have the opportunity to get to Know you.

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