Pearl Anniversary

Pearl Anniversary

Next year will be my husband's and my 30th Wedding Anniversary. Surprisingly he looked it up on the computer and informed me that it will be our Pearl! He then went on to tell me when it will be our Golden and Diamond. There is the possibility that we will see our Golden but I seriously doubt I will be around for a Diamond. We haven't yet discussed what we will do by way of a celebration - I would rather go away somewhere nice for a few days but I know that he would rather have a knees up!

Whatever we do no doubt we will look back over our 30 years together and remember the holidays, our daughter's birth, all that went into her growing up - school plays, sports days (if I could get away from work), teenage angst, exams, the delight of find out that she got into university, her degree ceremony, not forgetting the dogs that have been part, or still are, of our family.

When my mother in law had a significant birthday my sister in law secretly got together a lot of relatives PLUS raided various family albums to make a "This Is Your Life" evening for her mum who was expecting a small family gathering. It was lovely to see her reaction to seeing people she didn't expect to be there and talking about each photo as it was displayed brought back memories and laughter.

Do you have a family member who is approaching a significant birthday or anniversary? Stuck for something to mark to occasion? So often a older relative has all the possessions that they want so finding a present can be challanging. So what about a personalised book containing photos from their life? Text can be added to each photo, perhaps naming the people in the photo or when and where it was taken. Our photo books can be tailored to your own design and, once the initial set up cost has been met, all subsequent copies of the book are only £14.99 so you can order mementos of a wonderful evening to be handed out on the night.

As part of your evening have all the photos that have been scanned to go into the book put onto a DVD and play it on a TV or project onto a wall or screen so that everyone can view the same picture at once. Our price for the original DVD is £24.99 and additional copies are £4.99.

We all have busy lives and I think that you should take time to acknowlage and remember on those special anniversaries all the effort, joy and sometimes pain that has been part of your lives together.

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