Planning A Wedding

Planning A Wedding

Valentine's Day is approaching and it is that time of year when Wedding Fayres pop up at hotels. Are you planning your wedding for later this year or sometime next year?

No doubt you have long lists of things to think about, discuss, look at and arrange. There is THE DRESS to find, who to put on the guest list, find the right venue, organise the flowers and cars and a million and one other things.

Have you thought about a photo slideshow projected onto the ceiling of your marquee, a wall in the hotel or maybe on a big screen TV, according to wherever your Reception may be held?

This slideshow would be a compilation of photographs of the bride and groom as they progressed from their individual childhoods to the photos taken of them together during their courtship. It could also include images of anything that may be important to them such as degree certificate, pictures of where they met, maybe their home to be.

Not only would it be something to entertain your guests at the Reception but it would also allow them an insight into the person who is joining their family.

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