Planning to Emigrate?

Planning to Emigrate?

Maybe you are thinking of joining your children who have already emigrated and have young family of their own or you are moving abroad to start a wonderful new job somewhere else in the world.

If you have decided, or even just thinking about upping sticks and emigrating to another part of the world there is always family to be considered and a wonderful way to take all your memories with you is to have your photographs, slides and negatives digitally scanned and saved to a disc.

The benefits are tremendous. If you are joining your children with their family just think of the great times you could have showing the pictures to your grandchildren, talking about and passing on your memories about the people in the images. Just think of the saving to your pocket – if you had to carry over the photographs in your suitcases or even add them to the shipping container, would they be in a good condition when they made their separate journey to your destination?

Maybe you are setting off from home to a new life – what better way to take your family with you than by having a record of family life on a disc to look at when you are missing them? Photographs evoke strong memories of happy times, sometimes sad ones if a person has died but the images are a record of lives led and should be celebrated and kept for posterity.

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