Quirky photo

Quirky photo

We have all taken that quirky photo but just what do you do with it?

It may be like this one – the family pet all dressed up for the wedding and sitting in the tractor that took the bride to the church. It could be of your children dressed up for a Halloween party, perhaps an evocative sunset or a holiday picture of some far-flung location with an animal you normally see in a zoo as the subject matter.

Answer – turn it into a stretched canvas print and hang it on your wall. If the person in the photograph has grown up and has their own house give it as a present – perhaps for the housewarming or anniversary of some kind.

The opportunity for embarrassing one’s offspring by reminding them of times gone by are endless but by turning a quirky photo into a stretched canvas print for all to see on a daily basis you can remember a wonderful time, either in the recent past or from years ago when family life was celebrated or a wonderful time was enjoyed.

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