Reasons to have your photos scanned, 5 of 5 – Space Saving

 Reasons to have your photos scanned, 5 of 5 – Space Saving

Your photographic hobby over the years may now have created a storage problem that we at PiciScan can solve for you.

Just think of all the photograph albums, envelopes of negatives and boxes of slides that may be taking up valuable storage space in your cupboards, shelves, cellar, attic or garage.

Send them to us and we will digitally scan them and transfer the images onto disc or pen drive. Just think of the space that you will gain from having a good clear out knowing that you have a digital copy keeping those precious images safe from the damage that can happen to the originals such as damp, mould, ink fading or total loss.

As a benefit you could view these images more frequently then you probably do now by having them on a digital photo frame or on your computer as wallpaper!

So if you are thinking of moving, perhaps fed up of your partner nagging or just need a good tidy up then let us help you.

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