Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day

It is at this time every year that we think about the valiant soldiers, sailors and airmen that have given their lives in the service of their country. While there may not be anyone alive today who can remember The Great War, as World War 1 was called, there are people alive who know and have loved those who have given their lives in more recent conflicts.

Just as loved ones remain in our hearts it is important to keep safe the photographs of those who are no longer in living memory. I found this picture of my maternal Grandad seated alongside someone who must have been a close friend or relative. Maybe he was an older brother, already enlisted and this was perhaps the last photograph my grandfather might have had taken before the brother went off to war.

I've noticed that Grandad has a stick with him - which I remember him using when I was a child. I have vague recollections of hearing that he had been gassed in the trenchs and shot in the knee. Maybe Grandad had been invalided out of the Army and this was a Best Mate visiting.

Verbal stories do get forgotten or changed when passed on but photographs are a precious resouce that should be preserved for the future. You may notice that the photo has suffered from when it was first printed - probably nearly 100 years ago. It is creased, dirty at the corner and there is a small indentation caused by something at some time but not bad for a piece of paper!

If you have photographs of this age, and particularly of relatives, think about having them digitally scanned. Paper can get mouldy, be lost in a fire or flood but with a digital copy on a disc then your children and their children will be able to access this important family resource.

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