RSPB 111th Anniversary

RSPB 111th Anniversary

Just like Bilbo Baggins who celebrated his "Eleventy first" birthday the RSPB has its 111th anniversary this year of when it was granted its Royal Charter, given 15 years after after being founded in 1889.

It was started due to a backlash against the victorian fashion for wearing more and more exotic bird plumes in ladies hats and following the Sea Birds Preservation Act of 1869 and the Wild Birds Protection Act of 1880 the Society for the Protection of Birds came into being.

Ladies of the day were concerned about the chicks of great crested grebes and kittiwakes starving to death due to their parents being shot for their plumage so the Society's original rules were simple, just 2.

And yet they are not bored!

These were:

That Members shall discourage the wanton destruction of Birds, and interest themselves generally in their protection.

That Lady-Members shall refrain from wearing the feathers of any bird not killed for purposes of food, the ostrich only excepted.

One can only imagine why the ostrich was excepted but thankfully the RSPB has gone on into many different fields such as campaigning on climate change, wildlife projects all over the world, getting children interested and engaged, all with the basis of giving Nature a home.

Many thanks to the RSPB website for all their information.

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