Slide Cleaning

Slide Cleaning

You have decided to have your precious slides digitally scanned and you have looked at the different scanning packages that are on offer. Some include cleaning and you think that you can save a bob or two by cleaning the slides yourself. Please DON'T!

Why you ask? Depending on the method you may choose there is always the risk of damaging the slide and with some methods there is the certainty of ruining the slide.

Take dust removal for instance. You may think that it would be O.K. to give each slide a quick polish with a clean cloth. In doing this you run the risk of scratching the delicate image by moving dust particles across the film plus you may transfer dust from one slide to another with the cloth. Perhaps you choose to use a delicate paintbrush but again you run the risk of scratching the film with the hairs of the brush.

Maybe you think to use a cleaning solution. The chemicals in the solution can affect the photographic emulsion on the film and you can remove part or all of the image. Even the use of water is not recommended as you will inevitably leave tiny droplets of water on the slide which will dry in time but leave a mark on the film. This will be picked up when the image is scanned and would have to be digitally removed with our Restoration Service which is available at an additional cost.

Our Premium Slide Scanning Service does say that dust will be brushed from both sides of the image. To do this we use an air brush so blowing off any dust that may lay on the slide. By using this method we do not touch the film so cannot scratch or remove any part of the image and ensure that your slides will be returned to you in the same, or even better state than before.

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