Sometimes you don’t get what you pay for

Sometimes you don’t get what you pay for

It's true the saying “You get what you pay for”. Probably you will have someone in your family who has always said this and, no doubt, you will have had personal experience of buying something which didn’t live up to its hype or broke very quickly. Have you ever bought a pair of cheap shoes which looked very good but quickly the stitching went, the heel broke & they let in water?

But sometimes in the scanning world it is not always the case, particularly when it comes to negatives: sometimes you get more than you pay for!

You want your negatives scanned digitally and put onto disc for safe keeping / the future so what’s next?

Most likely you search on line and then trawl through all the web sites that pop up. No doubt all firms offer slightly different services and prices so where do you go, what comparisons can you make? Probably few as not all firm’s websites show exactly what is offered; some firms require you to contact them for more information – more time and expense!

Some firms offer prices per negative which decrease as the number of negatives increase, some have a set price per negative. Not all firms are clear as to whether cleaning is an extra cost or even if they do it at all. Also does the scanning include a colour correction service as standard to enhance the image to its best quality? Most are clear as to the dpi (Dots Per Inch) that they scan at and can offer the images to be saved as .jpeg or.tifs and all save to disc but few also save to an On Line Back Up Service as standard.

We at PiciScan offer 3 services – the Basic Scanning Service, the Standard Scanning Service and Premium Scanning Service.

Our web site states exactly what is included as part of each service so you can choose which service is best for your needs. Included is information for sending the negatives to us, the flatbed scanner that we use to ensure your negatives are not at risk from moving parts and labelling of the images.

A copy of your completed order is manually, and free of charge, uploaded to an Online Backup Service so that you or your friends can use the link to download and share those wonderful memories.

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