Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

Spring has arrived as even here in the north of England I have seen snowdrops, daffodils and crocus growing. There are even a few lambs in the fields although the higher farms on the fells will not be in full swing yet as they start later than lowland farms.

Does Springtime give you the feeling that you should be injecting new life into your house by tidying up, de-cluttering and throwing open the windows to get fresh air in and letting it breathe again? Maybe it is your partner who is muttering about the piles of slides taking up storage space from your pre-digital photography passion. Or you have found all those VHS tapes of the kids on holiday, passing out parade with the RAF and their wedding that you can no longer watch as you don't have a VHS player any more.

Well, we at PiciScan can help your house, storage problems & maybe stop your partner's muttering under her breath by transferring all your slides, photo albums and VHS tapes onto digital disc. Revisit all those wonderful times by popping a disc into your pc or laptop, so easy & convenient.

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