The Ideal Present as a memento ….. a Stretched Canvas Print!

The Ideal Present as a memento ….. a Stretched Canvas Print!

Did someone in your family, or a friend get married last year with all the family coming together from far and near for the wedding and their 1 year anniversary is coming up? Remember the lovely sunny weather, how beautiful the hotel and gardens looked where the memorable photographs were taken? The glowing bride in her wonderful dress, the proud groom and the attractive bridesmaids, even the little cheeky flower girl all looking their best and contributing to a very happy day.

To mark such, and many more special occasions have you thought of getting, either as a present for someone or for yourself, a stretched canvas print which would hang on a wall and be seen every day as a memory of a wonderful time?

So many photographs are taken now with digital devices but not many of them are actually seen. Maybe some are uploaded to social media but there are those very special pictures which really should be on show and not consigned to either a file on a hard drive or burned to a disc. Even those which are actually printed off and then filed away in an album rarely see the light of day after a short time.

A stretched canvas print is the ideal present, not only to mark an anniversary or family get together but just think of the joy that the recipient will get when they open your thoughtful present. It will be unique to them and not an “off the shelf” item. It also solves the eternal dilemma of “Just what do I get for them?”.

Depending on the size of the photograph, negative or slide that you send us and the size of the ordered stretched canvas print we could scan up to 7200 dpi (Dots Per Inch) which ensures that your chosen memory will be displayed in the best possible quality. The image will also be cleaned up, removing all traces of dust or scratches before being submitted for printing.

We offer the choice of 3 different sizes, 4 different edge effects and 2 different finishes to the print so your stretched canvas print will be very individual.

The frames are hand-made, 43mm thick and are chamfered to avoid contact with the back of the canvas avoiding wear lines on the front, which can happen with cheaper boxed frames. Your canvas is then stretched around the frame using up-to-date canvas wrapping machines, where your frame is stretched at a minimum of 80 PSI or 4.8 BAR giving you the tautest of finishes.

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