Torn Negatives

Torn Negatives

Do you have any negatives that are in this state? Can you see what is on them? Are they precious?

Negatives are such flimsy things which, if not cared for can end up looking like this but the image that they have captured can be a very powerful one. The negative may produce a photograph recording a moment of world history, perhaps a building or place that is no longer in existance, it may be that of a relative long gone or, just as important to you, a record of a moment in time which is very dear to your heart.

This moment might come from your childhood, a donkey ride on the beach during your first seaside holiday, maybe the image is of your parents on their honeymoon or perhaps the last time all the older generation were pictured together.

Whatever is on the negative someone, at some time wanted to record an event for posterity and it is a shame that "That Moment" could be lost for all time if no action is taken to save the image.

If you do have negatives which are in a bad state and you want to rescue them explore our website to see the results of our "Before and After" photographs to see what we can do to repair the damage to torn negatives. We would love to help you in recovering your "lost" moments.

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