VHS Tapes But No Player

VHS Tapes But No Player

We all have them don't we? Old VHS tapes that we took with those huge cameras back in the day, probably recording onto mini tapes too. We then laboriously edited the hours of tape down to what we really wanted to keep and view.

There's the trouble - viewing it nowadays! How many of us have a video player still working? Probably not many. So, that means that you have all these home video tapes that you cannot watch. There will be your kids playing in the garden, maybe jumping in and out of the paddling pool. Perhaps Granny looking on but sadly Granny is no longer with you. Maybe you have the wonderful day recorded when your son or daughter had their Passing Out Parade in one of our Forces. It could even be your wedding!

All those wonderful times and you just can't view them. Well, we have a solution. Just ask us to transfer all your VSH tapes (not commercial ones please) onto a DVD and "Hey Presto", you can view your memories again!

We bought a video camera when we had our daughter and have some lovely shots of her at various stages of her life. Naturally there are other people in the content and I found that seeing my Mum holding my daughter when she was very small was upsetting to watch again but on the other hand it was also wonderful to be able to see Mum and Dad again, even if only briefly.

Note to self - take our wedding video into work and get it transferred onto DVD!

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