Was your child sporty as a youngster?

Was your child sporty as a youngster?

If you have then you will know the support that a parent has to provide. My daughter’s sport before A levels & university was archery. We will draw a veil over the cost but I played taxi to the club practices both indoor & outdoor, gave moral support when arrows weren’t hitting the target where they should and then we got into competitions!

I would forgo my weekend lie in & get up at silly o’clock to go & make a picnic with all the “right” energy foods, wake up a sleepy teenager & hope she finds the beautifully laundered kit that is the required dress code for archery comps and then set off to find a field in the middle of God knows where. If lucky it will be attached to a school but then there those occasions when sat nav lets you down & gps would be better – which mine didn’t have!

One of our first comps was the “Frostbite” in a location which, although still in Cumbria, needed a drive of over an hour to get to. The wind was coming from the Arctic & blowing the rain sideways. I had a thought for a nano second of staying in the car but maternal instinct made me get my fold away chair out & sit behind the shooting line to give encouragement.

The shoot did not go well due to the weather but my grumpy daughter did comment when we got back in the car that my lips were blue. I also found out that my waterproofs weren’t as the rain had seeped into my unmentionables!

I often passed the time during competitions by taking photographs so built up a lovely memory archive of people, places and events. Sometimes I was even able to take pictures of my daughter receiving a medal or cup to treasure.

If, like me, you have had these types of experiences and have a wonderful photographic record – why not let us scan all your photographs, slides and negatives to collate onto one disc as a wonderful present or record to give to your child? They may be quite grown up by now & no longer play the sport but give them the opportunity to dust off the memories.

All the bad experiences aside I’m sure that you and your child will have had lots of good times together; I know that my daughter & I are better friends for the archery being part of our lives.

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