Water Damage in the Home

Water Damage in the Home

For the first time in my life, and hopefully the last, the washing machine flooded my kitchen last week. No soap suds but lots of water to remove with quick mop action. We have a trap door set into the kitchen floor which gives access to our cellar so you can imagine the sounds of water splashing onto goodness knows what in the cellar.

Two days later when hubby had a free day to examine the delinquent appliance he found the source of the problem, decided the cost of the repair was probably half of the price of a new machine so I was to go and purchase a new one.

I've not been informed if there has been any water damage to anything in the cellar but this event brought it home to me the value of what we do at PiciScan in saving irreplaceable photographic memories from loss.

Gary Lineker said when he was the subject of "Who Do You Think You Are?" that "sadly" he had lost a lot of family photographs due to a burst pipe in the attic.

This has made me think that we are the custodians of our present and our past for future generations to come to show who their antecedents were and what they looked like. In the past and and if you were rich you could have your portrait painted for posterity, later when cameras were invented you could go to a studio to have your photograph taken - for a fee. This means that the poorer person was unlikely to leave their image for the future.

The Box Brownie made by Eastman Kodak popularised low-cost photography and it it this legacy of photographs, slides and negatives that we should preserve from harm or loss whether from water, fire, mould or just plain disappearance.

Have yours and your previous generation's precious memories and record of their lives digitised and saved to disc or on a pen drive by us at PiciScan and ensure that your children or any of the generations to come will have a wonderful record of your life.

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