What Floats Your Boat?

What Floats Your Boat?

Taking a picture is a bit like the proverbial "chicken & egg" question, are you taking a picture because photography is your passion or is the subject matter the apple of your eye? The end result is that you want to record that particular image but have you built up a collection of whatever floats your boat?

It may be barges or "narrowboats", it may be planes, trains or automobiles - or something completely different that you find grabs your attention, you love to learn more about and is your hobby or passion. A hobby can be followed in the home but having a reason to get out of the house makes the hobby/passion much better. It must be lovely on a sunny day to take off to see a steam train going by on the tracks, maybe wander round an outdoor aircraft museum, or visit the Lake District to see all the various steamers we have on our lakes.

I'm personally into crafts of all sorts and while that in itself does not generate stacks of photographs it does mean I have a "stash" of yarn to be knitted or crocheted into something, fabric for some undetermined project and as to what I need for my latest hobby - spinning - really doesn't bear thinking about!

So, you have, or have had a hobby that generates photos, lots of them. Do you have a problem with storage space for your albums or slides or is your family getting narked with how your hobby is taking over the house? Restore peace and tranquillity to your home by having all your slides, photos and negatives digitally scanned and put into a disc. Not only is it space saving but we can improve upon photos which have suffered colour degredation and will save them from mould or damp. Plus, as we can now save all your images onto Dropbox (file sharing needed with you and PiciScan) you could view your images via internet access on that tedious journey on the train.

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