Why order a photobook from PiciScan

Why order a photobook from PiciScan

Do you remember those awful photograph albums that Mum & Dad used to get out, particularly when you brought your boy/girlfriend home to meet The Parents for the first time? All those cute baby pictures, probably lying on a furry rug with not even a nappy on, in the bath with foam on your head, gappy smiles as you were losing your baby teeth and dressed in those awful cardies that Granny used to knit for you?

Photographs slipping out of their corner fixings because they are dog eared, the colours not as they were.. all getting a bit brown, any labels that there might have been fallen out ages ago and the worst of all – the plastic covers not holding the photographs in place as the glue has perished!

Well, why not get your own back… with style!

Come to PiciScan with your photographs and together we will create a wonderful photo book which would grace your Mum & Dad’s coffee table for a long time, just there for them to pick up and look at the pages remembering those wonderful times. Maybe you can slip in a photo of them lying on a furry rug in their birthday suit or with an awful haircut just as a bit of payback!

Other companies do photo books but they require you to download the software and create your book yourself. We design the photo book in conjunction with you with regards to layout, text placement, font style and only when we have your approval is the book produced.

All photographs will be digitally scanned and our software will remove creases, improve colour quality so that the image will be at its best before being included in the photo book.

It will be printed on top quality paper and will be bound in hardback with your choice of illustration on the cover and laminated to finish off your unique photo book which will be a source of many happy moments to be relived as soon as you open the pages.

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