Working Woofer to Wallpaper

Working Woofer to Wallpaper

If you have a pet then you will have lots of pictures of your pal but if you only have photographs, slides or the negatives then you cannot do much with the images in this digital age.

We can digitally scan your photos, slides or negatives and transfer them onto a disc or pen drive so that you could quickly put up your favourite picture as wallpaper on your computer, laptop or tablet.

Even better, you will be able to view your pictures at any time, anywhere in this format.

Having your photos in digital form enables you to do so much more. We at PiciScan can make a photo book out of a collection of your photographs or transfer that one special picture into a stretched canvas print.

Other companies will put your pet onto a mobile phone case, mug, shopping bag or cushion, the choice is endless.

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