8mm Cine Film To DVD Transfer

8mm Cine Film To DVD Transfer
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Bring memories on cine film to life by having them transferred to DVD. Enjoy them even more with an editable version and make it a gift with your own, custom backing track.

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More Information

Displayed price is the charge for transferring the first 150ft of 8mm cine film to DVD. Each additional 50ft will be £30.00 less

Know what you're ordering

Option Headline If you choose... ...your order changes...
Editable Copy Yes As well as having your 8mm cine films transferred to DVD, we will create a high-quality MP4 file for you to edit, share or just watch on whichever device you prefer. The MP4 files will be supplied on memory sticks.
No You will just receive a DVD disc that you will only be able to watch on any device that has a relevant drive: for example, a home DVD player, or a tower PC. Not all laptops have disc drives any more.
Backing Track Yes Turn your 8mm to DVD transfer into a gift. Just send us up to three tracks on CD and we will use these to act as a backing track to your memories transferred from 8mm cine film. Whether these tracks are all on the same CD or on separate ones, please enclose a note letting us know which we should use. If the final, transferred film is longer than your enclosed tracks, we will just loop through the music again.
No Your disc will be silent, as it was on the original 8mm cine film.
Qty A quantity of 1 represents up to the first 150ft. Every time you add one to the quantity, this represents an extra 50ft. With, 'Editable Copy,' set to, 'No,' the price of the first 150ft of 8mm cine film is £42.00. Every additional 50ft of 8mm cine film is charged at £12.00. PLEASE NOTE: because of the calculations involved, the final figure reflected in your basket may be slightly less than this, but the difference will only be a few pence, and you won't be charged the extra.

What this service applies to

This service specifically refers to 8mm cine film. If you are looking for 16mm or 35mm cine film to be transferred to DVD, then we can probably arrange it. Contact us about your requirements.

The only service we don't carry out ourselves

It's worth pointing out that although we do offer this service through our website, it is not a service that we carry out here in Kendal. Instead, your cine films will be sent to our trusted supplier via Recorded Delivery. They will then return them to us for checking - also by Recorded Delivery - and finishing off. We take the DVD provided and present it complete with an appropriate cover and title. And, if you've requested it, we also add the backing tracks. The price you pay is inlcusive of all carriage charges between ourselves and our trusted supplier.

Additional Information

Additional Information

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