Cassette To MP3 Transfer

Cassette To MP3 Transfer
  • Buy 2 for £19.50 each and save 8%
  • Buy 3 for £19.00 each and save 10%
  • Buy 4 for £18.75 each and save 11%
  • Buy 5 for £18.60 each and save 12%
  • Buy 6 for £18.50 each and save 12%
  • Buy 7 for £18.42 each and save 13%
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Revisit your favourite music from audio cassettes on your mp3 player, phone or iPod with the cassette to mp3 transfer service from PiciScan.

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Know what you're ordering

Option Headline If you choose... ...your order changes...
Rapid Service Yes Prioritises your order. An order of up to 5 cassettes will be processed within five working days of receipt. If your order is larger than this, we will still prioritise your order, and will provide you with an estimate for completion when we receive it.
No Your order will be processed when we can.
Qty The number of albums you want us to transfer to mp3. With, 'Rapid Service,' set to, 'No,' the price of the first cassette is £21.00. Every additional cassette is charged at £18.00. PLEASE NOTE: because of the calculations involved, the final figure reflected in your basket may be slightly less than this, but the difference will only be a few pence, and you won't be charged the extra.

What this service applies to

This service transfers audio cassettes to a set of mp3s: one per track on the tape. By audio cassettes we mean those tapes that can be listened to on a Sony Walkman, or what was know as a Compact Cassette, that used magnetic tape to record audio, held in a plastic shell.

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