Scan Labelling Service

Scan Labelling Service

Keep any relevant information about your scans, or keep your scans within your own cataloging system with the scan labelling service from PiciScan.

Scan Labelling Service

Non-consecutive Numbers

Scan Labelling Service

Short Title

Scan Labelling Service

Medium Title

Scan Labelling Service

Long Title


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Know what you're ordering

It is our aim to create absolutely unique titles for each and every one of our scans. We go to some length to achieve this. We take the first three letters of your last name, your first initial, your order number and which item we've just scanned to create these unique titles. So, for example, if your name's John Snow, you're ordering from us for the twenty-second time, and we've just scanned the fifteenth item in your order, that scanned file would be named: snoj022-0015.jpg.

Of course, this system doesn't work for everybody, and you are free to label your scans as you wish once you get them home. But to save you time, we can label them for you, according to your own specification.

The titles of the different labelling types, shown above and explained below, are fairly self explanatory. But, to be exact:

Non-consecutive numbers

If your slides have already been numbered and catalogued, you may wish to preserve these numbers on your scans. Your numbers should be less than five digits long.

Short title

For titles that are up to ten characters long, including spaces. This might apply if you want people's first names, or an abbreviation of a place name preserving.

Medium title

Slightly longer titles that might accommodate a person's full name. Applies to titles that are up to twenty characters long.

Long title

There is no limit to the number of characters you can include if you select a long title. Perhaps you want the title to represent where and when a photo was taken.

How to order

Enter the quantity in each box for each of your chosen label types, and click, 'Add to Cart.'

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Additional Information

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