Video Tape To DVD Transfer

Video Tape To DVD Transfer
  • Buy 2 for £24.00 each and save 12%
  • Buy 3 for £23.00 each and save 15%
  • Buy 4 for £22.50 each and save 17%
  • Buy 5 for £22.20 each and save 18%
  • Buy 6 for £22.00 each and save 19%
  • Buy 7 for £21.85 each and save 20%
  • Buy 8 for £21.75 each and save 20%
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Relive memories stored on video tapes by having them converted to DVD by PiciScan. We can even create an editable copy for you remove/keep the most embarrassing bits.

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Displayed price is the charge for converting the first video tape to DVD. Each extra video tape will be £6.00 less.

Know what you're ordering

Option Headline If you choose... ...your order changes...
Rapid Service Yes Prioritises your order. An order of up to 5 video tapes will be processed within five working days of receipt. If your order is larger than this, we will still prioritise your order, and will provide you with an estimate for completion when we receive it.
No Your order will be processed when we can.
Editable Copy Yes As well as transferring your video tapes to DVD, we will create a high-quality MP4 file for you to edit, share or just watch on whichever device you prefer. The MP4 files will be supplied on memory sticks.
No You will just receive a DVD disc that you will only be able to watch on any device that has a relevant drive: for example, a home DVD player, or a tower PC. Not all laptops have disc drives any more.
Repair Required Yes Even if your video tape has become ripped, or you had to cut it to extricate it from an old machine that'd chewed it, we can repair it. Select this option if you'd like us to do that.
No If your video tape has not become ripped, there's no need to ask us to repair it.
Qty The number of videos you want us to transfer to DVD. With all options set to, 'No,' the price of the first video tape is £27.00. Every additional video tape is charged at £21.00. PLEASE NOTE: because of the calculations involved, the final figure reflected in your basket may be slightly less than this, but the difference will only be a few pence, and you won't be charged the extra.

What this service applies to

We can transfer various different analogue video tapes to DVD. The types of video tape that we can transfer are: VHS; VHS-C; Video8; and Hi8. At present, we're unable to transfer digital video tapes to DVD. If you've added a title to your video tape, we will use this to title the DVD we produce for you.

Our video tape to DVD transfer service provides a copy of the memories stored on your analogue video tapes in their current state, which will not deteriorate further for many years to come.

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