Orders and Returns

This page allows you to view the status of an order you've placed, or to request a return/refund for the order.

In the event that we have fallen below the high standard of service you would expect from PiciScan, just let us know and we will see what we can do.

There may be things we can do to fix the problems without your having to return the slides for re-scanning as we will keep your scans on our system for two months after returning your slides to you. Failing that there is always the backup of your order which will be available indefinitely. Should we need to, we will simply download this on site backup and attempt to digitally fix any problems with your order.

Should you have to return your slides, photos or negatives for re-scanning we will re-imburse you the cost of sending them to us. Please inclue your Post Office receipt when returning your memories for re-scanning.

We will also carry out most kinds of work*, and return your slides and new disc completely free.

Because of the nature of the product we provide, we cannot simply refund you if you send us back the disc we have produced: individuals may have already copied the image files to their computer.

* The following outlines an exception to this. In your original order, you selected either the standard or basic level of scanning service. Once you have had a chance to review your scans, you decide that they are too dusty. In this case, we would have to initiate a new order and we would charge a price equivalent to half what you have already paid, plus 10p to cover the cost of brushing the dust from each slide, negative or photo.

For example, if in your original order you chose the standard slide scanning service and sent in over 400 slides, you will have paid 24p per slide scan. In the new order, you would pay half of 24p, 12p, plus 10p, so 22p in total per slide scan.

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