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1657 chocolate-house

1657 Chocolate House

Posted on: Thursday, 26 February 2015

PiciScan is proud to be located in Kendal, a town which has a long history. Part of the historical record is in the buildings that we can see today. On Branthwaite Brow, Kendal there is a unique business premises - 1657 Chocolate House. This three storey property was built in the 1630s, originally as a house but has been, in the past, a bakery, antique shop, travel agency and ladies fashion shop. Nowadays it is home to a world renowned emporium of mouth-watering chocolates which has been in business for 30 years.

Being built all those centuries ago when people were generally smaller than nowadays due to lack of nutrition, the proportions are not generous nor, according to the owner Mr Gavin Lowe, is there a straight line anywhere! From the cobbled street you enter the shop down 2 stone steps and every inch inside is devoted to displaying chocolates of every flavour and shape and beautiful exposed wooden beams show the internal structure of the building.

From the shop one can climb the spiral stairs upto the tea room on the floor above and then more spiral stairs ascend to another seating area which has written information on the walls and you can watch a film, all giving the history of the cocoa bean. The stairs between these floors are something to behold and, not being as "lish" as I once was, needed careful negotion!

One can enter and exit the tea room from stairs outside the building, thankfully with a handrail to hand back onto the cobbles. Should you visit this unique building I dare you not to leave without a wee purchase of a chocolate delight from the 1657 Chocolate House.

Jane is married with one husband, one daughter and 4 springer spaniels at home. She has worked at PiciScan for a year and thinks that you are never too old to learn.

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