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Negative scanning service

What our customers are saying:

Thank you for your efforts with all our old photos. The colour slide transfers are really great!


Making it as easy as possible for our customers

Posted on: Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Right back at the beginning of the idea of PiciScan, I started thinking about how to make our services as easy to access as possible. I visited the Post Office and a very helpful lady there explained all about Royal Mail Special Delivery and I took away some bags to try them out for size.

Then I thought, this makes it easy for me, but not so easy for the customer: they still have to leave the house to get their slides, photos, neagtives, or videos to us, and the cost ... well, there had to be a cheaper option.

A few days later while driving through Kendal, a van pulled up in front of me, a local courier firm, Hart Distribution were delivering something. I took down the details off the side of the van and got in touch.

PiciScan now has a contract with Hart. They can collect from anywhere in the country and deliver overnight back to individuals’ homes or workplaces. Together: We Collect. We Scan. We deliver.

In practice: a customer makes an order, we send them a mail pack and a jiffy bag; the customer contacts us, and we arrange collection; we digitise their order, and overnight, once completed, the customer’s order is delivered back to them. What could be easier? As far as I know – and I am prepared to be corrected on this – PiciScan is the only scanning business in the UK that offers this service.

What is more, if a customer’s order comes to more than £45, it is offered for free. Return delivery is free on ALL orders.

Any of our customers really can use PiciScan without leaving their home.

Mark founded PiciScan in July 2010. He does all the scanning, designs the website and blogs about web design.

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